• TEI°11:

    The countdown for this years Tangible and Embedded Interactions conference is coming to an end. On 23rd of January the confrence is starting in Funchal / Madeira / Portugal. Unfortunatly without the TUI Blog crew for the first time since three years. Yeah, it´s a pity, because it would be great to be there, meeting [...]

  • getting personal:

    Here is a video with a more personal and ambient view on our trip to the MediaLab and New York. We still work on all the interview and demo footage so please still be patient with us. The video is quite long and tries to capture the athmosphere and mood of the conference and the [...]

  • Sneaking in the Studios / Watching the Web:

    Before we will put up our own interview material from the studio workshops, we will show you the video by the ingenious Jay Silver. Jay is a wonderful person, giving the fun and joy on doing things so much priority, by simultaneously being serious with what he does. However, he is the man behind twinkle, [...]

  • Conducting Fabrics by Sarah Kettley:

    Sarah Kettley presented woolen garments that are conductive and by that can be used as sensors. I am very interested in the now upcoming approaches of mixing up technology and fashion. There allready had been several trys to bring circuits into a flexible or maybe less rigid shape. For example the e-motion project of the [...]

  • Live stream:

    For all of you who are not able to attend the conference, the organisers unlocked the live stream from the conference. Thanks to this people from the outside can follow the talks via the web. So now you can see how it looks from a confernce attendees point of view. to get the vice versa [...]

  • Flexi Knobs by Michael Hlatky and Kristian Gohlke:

    We started to cover the demo session with the Flexi-Knob project from the AudioCluster associated to the University of Applied Sciences Bremen in Germany. The approach behind this project is to create a quick change between normally assigned Midi Channels on a GUI by using multiple mouse cursors. On the first site it seems quite [...]

  • CoBots by Christian Cerrito:

    Christian Cerrito is experimenting with robots that react on their surrounding environment. So far this is nothing special, but what´s new is that they create real world output. His small robotsdraw lines. One of his robot setup reacts on shadows, so when there is a person standing in the light, the robot starts to move [...]

  • TEI°10 reporting:

    Coming back shortly to the keynote by John Frazer (his talk showed very close his work and development of his “intelligent physical modeling systems” and the field of “tangible thinking”, all in all what we call today “tangible user interaction”), we want to catch up an idea that he mentioned talking about human and numeric [...]

  • Jamming Gear by So Kanno:

    A playful an physical way of composing and modifying music patterns was shown by So Kanno from IAMAS Ubiquitous Interaction Research Group. Its main components are gear-wheels that can be stuck on a soundmaking playback device. Driven by a central motor and control device several of these gear-wheel items can be combined. Very simply one [...]

  • DisplayObjects presented by roel vertegaal:

    Wow. This was a very broad and challenging talk. Roel Vertegaal was presenting the paper by him and Eric Akaoka , Tim Ginn dealing with the problem of having no possibilty of adding a fully working display to styroform (or any other material) mock ups. The way he presented was very nice. He gave a [...]

  • spatial sketch by karl d. d. willis:

    After the 30 seconds madness session and the very inspiring keynote of john frazer the first paper presentation was taking place. Karl D.D. Wills from the japanese interface design group was presenting his approach on sketching threedimensionally using a two piece nintendo wiimote array to locate a LED attached to a penlike device. In his [...]

  • America !!!:

    So here we are: America, Eastcoast, Boston-Cambridge. We had a nice and relaxed flight and built up our base camp in a hostel not far from the MediaLab and had allready enough time to stroll through the streets of Boston and get some slight impression on how America looks, sounds, feels and smells like. Now [...]