call for students


Dear Tangible Interface Community, Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends

As some of you allready know, we – form+zweck designmagazine – set up this blog and reported from the this years “tangible and embedded interaction conference”at the MIT MediaLab. As you see, it is allready well equipped and internationally reviewed.

Now we do ask us what to do further with the blog? And we can give an answer immediatly. Let´s open the blog to students of the departments of industrial, interface and interaction design for study and project related reports.

One Example: A project on tangible interfaces and new interactions is launched at a university or lab. In the majority a more or less intense research is made before it comes to designing and making mock ups. For this kinds of research the blog can ba a platform of exchange, discussion and presentation. A bit like a way more detailed and of course better informed online bookmark platform. If the project consists of 14 people, one has to write a report about related work (or his own) once in two weeks on the project site on the blog.
This leads to a better understanding of own actions and can shape a community beyond students and proffesionals and because every article is tagged with it´s author, contact is easily made.

Now we want to offer you to take part with your course, certain projects or department. It´s a good opportunity to learn to talk and write about design and designing.

I would be glad to hear from you!