The main author of this blog is Christian Zöllner. Christian is a designer and presearcher, living and working in Berlin. He runs his own website and teaches at the University of Fine Arts Berlin


illustration by Daniel Stolle

This Blog is about interesting, innovative, poetic and ironic but overall lovely new approaches in designing human body centred interfaces. You can tag it with interaction design, interface design, tangible interfaces, media art… call it what you want. We try to provide a discursive and illustrative research approach on how people think of interaction with machines like computers, video games, phones etc.

Form und Zweck is a design magazine from germany. It´s founded in 1956, later on the only design magazine in east germany. Now we do more and more books on history of architecture and think about how a magazine can work nowadays. This blog tries to sort out the huge possibilities of web 2.0, the power and constraints of blogging and posting, and the idea of a small blogzine next to print issues.

Let´s see what it will look like, how it changes us and our work.

We will open this blog to students projects. please feel free to contact us in this case.