• summary:

    The TEI is over. I´m back in Berlin, thinking about what happend, mapping the news, the notes, files. First: It was again a pleasure to be there. The people, the chats in the breaks, this was again the core of the conference. I met so many nice and interesting people, I hardly can imagine to [...]

  • day 3:

    The last day of the conference started with a paper session on “tangible and embedded interaction – in the wild and in the lab”. There has been a lot of good talks, for example Bart Hengeveld was talking about his and his teams learning language thesis linguabyte that aims to stimulate and develops the language [...]

  • day 2:


  • day 1:

    Before I start to report from the TEI*09, which was the occasion i originally headed to the UK, I have to show you some nice coincidence. I arrived in london at saturday to meet my friend Olivia in her place, to see London and get used to the language again. It turned out that one [...]

  • TEI°09 in cambridge UK:

    I wil report from this years Tangible and Embedded Interaction Conference in Cambridge UK. On this Site you´ll find videos from the demo session, short paper reviews and impressions of what´s the news in the fields of interaction design and user centered interaction. I will try to be as up to date as I can, [...]