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Kinect S2S Projects

Everyone knows it: The kinect is hacked and a lot of very good and less good projects are filling the blogs and streams on various sites. In my eyes the development to gestural interfaces has a lot of advantages and delivers a playground for artists, designers and engineers to create things and non-things that were impossible before.
To trigger the communication in this blog, I briefly introduce one project that deals with the kinect in a good manner. I call this project a space to space (S2S) system, because it tracks spatial gestural information and computes them to again spatial output. In the beginning of the Kinect hacks I somehow missed these factors.

Be Your Own Souvenir! from blablabLAB on Vimeo.

BlablabLAB produced an impressive set up using three!!! Kinect controllers for covering 360° and a RepRap Rapman3.1 to capture movements of people acting in front of a shopping window and produce them via Rapid Prototyping. The video shows very moody and nicely the idea of creating ones own souvenir in tradition to the freezed people standing in pedestrian areas. Though I think it might take a while to produce these little figuers of the actors, I see the potential in this idea towards photo booths that do not spit out photostripes, but little sculptures. And, to excuse the delay of printing the objects, the waiting time in analog photo booths can also take up to 10 minutes, queuing not included.
The software is all openFrameworks and openKinect, with a bit tweaking. The Labs Website is currently under construction, but i’m sure they will open their ideas to the public asap

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