As Christian mentioned, he invited some people to get this blog back to life again. One of those is me, Julian Adenauer. First of all, thanks Christian for the invitation to participate in this blog project. I’m sure we’ll discuss a lot of interesting projects, ideas and viewpoints and have a lot of fun on the way!

So, let me introduce myself. I am a PhD student at the HCI research training group prometei (prospective design of human-machine interaction) at the Technical University of Berlin. My research is focussed on the process of prototyping interactive products. We’re exploring the concept of hybrid prototypes that combine virtual (using virtual reality technologies) and physical parts. With this, we aim at speeding up the iterative process and getting users involved earlier in the process.
Apart from my academic work, I am co-founder and CTO of the Sonice Development GmbH, a small product development firm based in Berlin. Our best known project is currently the Facadeprinter. The Facadeprinter is a machine that paints large graphics onto walls by shooting color balls (paintballs). A more physical approach to digital graffiti – but not really interactive at this point. More information about this project can be found on our website.
This already says a lot about my interests which are: HCI in general and especially tangible interfaces, product development, prototyping, and the creative use of technology.

I’m really happy to be posting on this blog regularly now and looking forward to the things to come. We’ll try to get in a lively discussion among the authors and would be happy if you’d join in by posting comments with your opinions and views.


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