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Dear Friends,

It´s been a long time of silence on this site! I know. It was a tough last year for me personally and professionally. The SMSlingshot, a project of me and my collective went straight through the ceiling, I was taking care of my daughter, i had to rest a lot. All that stuff. And as Chris o Shea used to say: My heart wasn´t blogging any more. I tried to, but the list of projects and festivals got longer and longer and so much other stuff was way more important than putting out on this site. But now I found some people to join me here to create a more fluent and regular output. In the following weeks, you will find articles that relate more to each other and may look like a little ping and pong between the authors. With this method we will try to get one topic featured and discussed in many ways and from different point of views. What readers were mentioning, is the way we corelate to other projects. We keep on doing this. Everything will be put in a general and personal context, so you will not find pingbacks, and copy/paste articles here.

And to start all this I just put the last video up from our SMSlingshot project. It features our little world tour 2010 and is edited by Dominic Kießling from Berlin Based visual crew Pfadfinderei.  There are a few other projects that work with textmessages and augmented graffiti in public space, maybe this will be one of the first topics in the next posts. So keep online and drop by from time to time!

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