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pixelsumo blog by Chris O´Shea


By working on a mediafacades project in the last days I tumbled over the pixelsumo blog by Chris o´Shea. He seems to has a similiar approach to our work on the blog and presents interesting and “worth talking about” projects in the field of interaction design, interface research and media art. His latest entry fits very well to our report of Chris Cerritos drawing bots. While a workshop at this years transmediale representatives of the Liverpool based FACT organisation showed us this amazing urban media screen installation.

It´s so wonderful how he involves and attracts the people in the streets. By quite simple means, he builts up an environment so strange and fascinating, that the people rest stunned in front of the screen. The awareness, that these huge mediascreens are more than just oversized advertisingtools, is transmitted by a playful and honourable way. Chris is linked to rAndom international one of the most inspiring and innovative british design studios. rAndom international has made the audience installation for the royal opera house in London.

You see, there is an obvious tendence to leave fixed pixel grid and move towards more playful and spatial designs. One before all advantages of these interfaces is the relation to the location. It seems to live in it´s own habitat and by reflecting the surrounding light building structure and of course the people. This makes it so unique and should be an aim to every interface design posted in public space. We will post a report from the TEI conference´s demo session with a wonderful spatial interface aswell. So… Chris o´Shea is all around.

Another project I really dig and think everyone should know is the cloud by TROIKA, tho other stunning british design studio. An impressive mediascreen, but not with a plan grid of illuminated pixels, but with a poly-warped morphed object with attached little motorized facettes that can turn in two states by a mechanical rotation. I saw it once live in the Design museum in London, where it was honoured as one of the best british designs in 2008. For everyone who knows the facettes at Hackescher Markt in Berlin, the phenomenon should be clear. For the others, a video:

But this wouldn´t be this blog, if there isn´t still something more wonderful to come. Chris, together with Joel Gethin Lewis and Andreas Müller founded a series of talks to interaction design. Ok this happenes in Berlin as well, such as the continious lectures at the T-Labs or the upgrade sessions. They called it “This happened” and have documented every talk (over 50!!) with also nearly all the slides of the presentation. They know how to do it. Check out the talks here. Referring to the last article on fashioning technologies, here´s one of these talks of Moritz Waldemeyer who was working with Hussein Chalayan on his kinetic dresses. Enjoy!!

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