Bio circuit by Holly Schmidt and Dana Ramler

Another wearable project combining sound and textile computing comes by Holly Schmidt and Dana Ramler from the Emily Carr University in Vancouver. The project is about capturing the mood of the wearer and displaying it with ambient sounds. The Interface is a vest to be worn over your all day cloth and integrates a polar rate heartbeat monitor designed by Danjuliodesigns with elements avaiable via sparkfun. By detecting the rate an somehow according sound will be played by a little speaker sewn in the collar right next to the ear. Depending on your mood, the sound varies. The more active you are, the sound increases in intensity as well. Though this sounds logically on first sight, a lot of questions occur. Why do the sound has to react in the same way i feel. Can´t it be more like a remedy, so if i feel down it pushes me up? How does the interface has to look like for these decision processes when the only material is fabric cloth. Some of these questions get answered in the interview video we shot during the demo session.

On this point I have to link to some projects of Hussein Chalayan. Chalayan is working on the edge of fashion and technology since a long time and had an impressing exhibition at the London Design Museum while last years TEI conference. His work is pushing the boarders of wearables while in the same time being into fashion through and through. This is the way it should be: trying to be cutting edge when it comes to technology and maximum fashion on the other hand. The projects I seen on wearables beside his work put the technological aspects too much in the foreground. They should support the fashion, but not be it´s reason.


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