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Sneaking in the Studios / Watching the Web

Before we will put up our own interview material from the studio workshops, we will show you the video by the ingenious Jay Silver. Jay is a wonderful person, giving the fun and joy on doing things so much priority, by simultaneously being serious with what he does. However, he is the man behind twinkle, one of the best project I´ve seen through out TEI°10 and created the Drawdio. While TEI°10 he was organising the studio section ´longside with Amon Millner.

As a lot of you allready know there is the twitter feed right to this article. It´s the official TEI°10 Twitter activity, but as you know as well, there is something drooling under the world wide bed. So check the twittering by using the #teiconf hashtag. I´d like to embed this stream here too, but somehow this does not work out well, so you have to take the long way.

There also have been other blogging activities next to ours. Check Jon Kolko´s very nice and detailed article at the Frog Design blog. Another blog reporting from the conference comes from Allison Abel. Check it out at

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