Brygg Ullmer´s paper on Cartouche

“Cartouche” might be tangibles that fit! Maybe that´s one of the main phrases of Brygg Ullmers very interesting talk about his work, concerning the great spectre of tangible interfaces and their diversity in design and function. He sees the the problem of  multiplicity in languages, frameworks and technical setups used while designing tangible interfaces. His aim is to set up a kind of standard setting (covering physical and software conventions), what makes it easy to desing tangible interaction and to transfer physical components from one to another application without bigger problems. And that is where it´s getting interesting.
How are tangibles to design, if they are not refered to a special function or application. What shall be the guise of an tool without concrete function? Then, how abstract can it be? The idea of an device, multifunctional but nonspecific appears. Is it the apple magic mouse? I hope there will be more.
We are curious if Ullmer´s wish of interchanging tangibles between the next TEI´s demos will become reality… and finally how they will be designed.

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