Kinematics by Leonhardt Oschütz and Daniel Wessolek


The Kinematics project by the students of the Bauhaus University Weimar in Germany explores the combination of active and passive building blocks for toy use. It is a set of small, hand sized blocks as seen in the picture above, consisting of shape changing elements and non-moving blocks containing micro controllers or characterising objects. Least do define the movement possibilities of the passive blocks. Because of the similarities to common construction games, such as re-combination and assembly of complex structures, it is quite intuitive to use. And here is the main advantage of this project: by combining different kinetic junctions life like and organic movements appear that makes users, especially me, curious on how complex one can go with it. What dissaoppoints us is that there is no real world application provided. Ok, toys are good even toys that encourage kids to get to know more about the world they are living in, but something more relevant could had come along, too! I could imagine for example a construction device for temporary dwellings or emergency bridges. But watch the video to learn more aout the project by it´s creators


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