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DisplayObjects presented by roel vertegaal

Wow. This was a very broad and challenging talk. Roel Vertegaal was presenting the paper by him and Eric Akaoka , Tim Ginn dealing with the problem of having no possibilty of adding a fully working display to styroform (or any other material) mock ups. The way he presented was very nice. He gave a broad overview on design techniques to deal with this lack of interactive displays: from Arduino over OLED technologies to the first non-interactive iPod modell. It´s refreshing to hear some one talking about interactivity in design processes out of a designers point of view.


So his approach is to create a way of “mockuping” displays, facing the problem that industrial design objects are nearly all the time three dimensional shaped which makes it complicated to but a plane display on it. His presented solution is to attach visual markers on the designed objects and train a tracking system to recognize the objects geometry and position and than project a display mock up upon it. OK- this sounds quite complicted, but in his way it is possible to create interactive content, for example by playing a video on the projected display which makes the modell much more immersive.

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