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spatial sketch by karl d. d. willis


After the 30 seconds madness session and the very inspiring keynote of john frazer the first paper presentation was taking place. Karl D.D. Wills from the japanese interface design group was presenting his approach on sketching threedimensionally using a two piece nintendo wiimote array to locate a LED attached to a penlike device. In his pesentation he explained the technical background and uses the photographs by Gijon Mili capturing picasso drawing in the air with a torch. Another project he refferd to was the sketching furniture project by front design and other a bit older explorations on making digital 3D shapes by hand. Karl points out that “The Spatial Sketch application covers the process of capturing gestural movement as a 3D sketch and translating that sketch into a series of 2D slices for fabrication using planar materials with a laser cutter.” Not relating, but a bit familiar to the sketching in space project I did last years winter with students from the University of the Arts in Berlin, he let students draw lamps threedimensionally and fabricate afterwards using Rapid Prototyping, in his case a lasercutter. What is being cut out are processed sliceforms of the drawn strokes. The space surrounded by the sketched strokes gets filled by “ribbed” sliceforms that than describe the volume. By putting these slice forms together on a radial base, the former pure virtual volume becomes astraclty real. Sure, you want to know more: get the full paper here


In my eyes this approach leads to a broader understanding of the need to get spatial. What it lacks, is a haptic feed back ( to release a stroke, a button has to be pushed) and a threedimensional output. In his set up, the drawn strokes are projected on a 2D plane. A rotation of the strokes might give a better understanding of the spatial qualities. We will try to get him in front of the camera today, to ask him a few questions on these points. The presentation will be online by tonight! as a video, to show her instead is his nice way of making mobile phone sketching possible!

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