report, TEI°09



The TEI is over. I´m back in Berlin, thinking about what happend, mapping the news, the notes, files. First: It was again a pleasure to be there. The people, the chats in the breaks, this was again the core of the conference. I met so many nice and interesting people, I hardly can imagine to meet somewhere else. It´s an essential concentration of what a contemporary design team should look and feel like. Geeks, artists, scientists and of course designers. A lot of them on one place is a seldomly spotted event. Everyone was very open to new ideas, was spreading inspiring thoughts, while, after and between the talks. Overall a friendly and heartful athmosphere. The organisation was again very good apart from that the internet was the most of the time down, so I couldn´t write the blog that fluently i was supposed to. And the Gala Dinner at Queens College on tuesday night was amazingly good. But, come on, do we need a Gala Dinner in a castle. It made me feel a bit uncomfortable with this kinda posh food and the sparkling wine. I just say this, because a lot of us went to a more tweedy pub afterwards, which had a way more friedly and less formal athmosphere.


From the professional side, it was also good to see that people push the limits forward into new fields of interactions with artefacts, computers and pervasive digitally augmented objects. This happens from both sides of the topic, from the very scientific one, and from the artistic one. There has been a majority of well proofed, deeply evaluated and exactly formulated innovations coming from different labs all over the world. But a lot of them miss the artistic components, the interventive character, the surprising and lovely act in it. On a few it was so obvious that there were scientists on work, who know their business but don´t look over their own dashboard. I don´t like to see sheets full of graphs and tables with evaluated user actions. Of course they do good work, but they don´t involve the environment, the real worlds objects… Guys start hacking your graspable world and use your enormous knowledge to augment the world with digital life!


For the next year´s TEI workshops would be great. To learn from the geeks, to understand what they are doing. The best would be to make interdisciplinary workshop teams, filled with designers, graphic artists, computer scientist, journalists and researchers. We should learn from ech other more in an active way than in attending to a talk.


Thanks a lot for reading this blog, Stay tuned for what comes up next on this site and don´t hesitate to contact me if you need any further informations.